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Gifts You Can Give: Local Love Featuring SRSLY Chocolates and Make A Scene Cards!

Welcome back to our plant community, where we talk about all things Plant Love Club, local small business, plant care, plant tips, home decor and so much more! We’re so happy you’re back and hope you enjoy our December box, dedicated to local love and gifts you can give!


This month, we decided to include not one, but TWO local businesses here in Austin, Texas: SRSLY Chocolates & Make A Scene Cards! Each month, we showcase local businesses in our Plant Love Club boxes, and as the Holiday festivities begin we wanted to bring light to local gifts you can give!

SRSLY Chocolate is a seriously good chocolate company with whimsical and delicious treats! SRSLY creates beautiful chocolate bars, creative chocolates, and our favorite: succulent-like chocolate treats. This month, Plant Love Club members received a SRSLY chocolate bar, which is sure to be a mouth watering gift or a perfect late night treat for one! You can find SRSLY Chocolate on social media at @srslychocolate.

Make A Scene are the creators of laser-cut 3D pop-up cards designed to make you smile, handcrafted here in Austin! This month, you received a festive Merry Christmas pop-up card from Make a Scene -- perfect for writing a special holiday note to a loved one! Follow them on social media at @makeascenecards.


This month, we also doubled up on plants with a bonus Santa Baby cactus! We are in the spirit of giving, and an extra plant baby perfectly rings in Christmas time and the New Year!

We hope you love your new Peperomia, a succulent-like houseplant with bright green and yellow leaves! Peperomias LOVE bright to medium light. They can tolerate low light, but won’t grow as quickly and their foliage will not be as bright in color. Water your Peperomia when the soil feels dry to the touch.

Many varieties of this small houseplant can effectively hold water in their fleshy stems and leaves during times of drought, so they can survive if you forget to water them! Peperomias aren’t fast growers, so don’t worry about pruning them.

To keep things nice and festive, your box also includes a Santa Baby, our seasonal tiny baby cactus in the cutest little Santa hat! Water your tiny baby every month or so with a few sprinkles of water and enjoy the absolute adorableness!

Happy Holidays and Happy Gifting, Friends. Learn more about ourPlant Love Club, and join our social media community for sneak peeks of the sparkly and self-care focused January box!


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