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House Call Service & Plant Interior Design

Transform your space and bring your home to life. The final step in interior design calls for succulents, arrangements, and house plants — let the experts design your space so your plants thrive and your space comes alive!


Here's how it works:


House call consultation

We come to your home, assess your lighting and space design, take photos and talk with you about your desired watering routine. These appointments last approximately 1 hour. Make an appointment!


Interior plant design and quote

We choose the plants, succulents and arrangements that work for your space and mock up the design plan.


House call and space design

Your designer will pick up, plant, and deliver the greenery that will come into your space, and work with you to make sure everything is placed accordingly with watering instructions.


You care for your new friends

After we deliver your new plants and arrangements, you will be responsible for care and upkeep.

“After remodeling and furnishing my home it felt like something was missing. Shannon from Succulent Native came in and put together a plan that transformed my space and now it feels like a real home. It’s amazing what adding plants and succulents can do to your home! I highly recommend this!”

– House Call Customer, Ryan

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