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Arrangement Care Instructions

Our care information at Succulent Native is slightly unique since most of our arrangements come in containers without holes in the bottom. We do put a layer of rocks at the bottom of each arrangement to provide some drainage.



  • Water a teaspoon per plant once a week for our small succulents

  • Misting your succulents is the best way to water your succulents

  • Needs full diffused light (Window sills are perfect)

  • If they start getting pale yellow or leggy then they need more light.

  • Succulents also can get crunchies (dried up old growth) when growing.
    This is normal and healthy, feel free to pull those petals off the plant.



  • Water a teaspoon per plant once a month for our small cacti

  • Water one Tablespoon per plant once a month for larger cacti

  • Misting near the roots once a month is the best way to water your cacti

  • Needs some light, but can be pretty happy in high light or lower light.

  • If they start to look sunken or too skinny, add one extra watering and then wait for the container to dry out before watering again.

  • If they start getting too plump, take a break from watering for a few more weeks. 



Most houseplants we carry are happy in low to moderate light and like to be watered in the container and misted on their leaves once a week.

Disclaimer: Even the most experienced Cactus and Succulent care takers have had many plants die on their watch. Most of the time plant death comes from overwatering or not enough light. However, this is not always the case. Just like any other plants. It takes time to get to know the correct way to care for your plants. We do like to keep the plants with the best chance to live and be easy to care for, but sometimes plants die. We are not responsible for plants after you take them home, but let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will help you the best we can.

**We cannot provide returns or exchanges on any purchased plants. 

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