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Corporate Events
& Conferences

  • Custom Centerpieces & Rentals

  • Branded Arrangements: colors & logos

  • Party Favors & Gifts

  • Pop-up Planting Parties & Air Plant Bar

Looking for a fun way to spice up your next corporate event? Succulents will add life and style, and we can customize our pots or plants to incorporate your company branding. With a variety of plants to choose from and the versatility of cacti and succulents, they display a great variety of shapes, forms, and colors.


Let us transform your next event with succulent centerpieces using a colorful assortment of plants and unique containers. We have a variety of pots ranging from glazed colorful ceramics to terra cotta. You have a specific pot in mind? That’s great! We can use almost anything, even branded company mugs! Set up and delivery options available.


We have a centerpiece for every budget. Give us a call to talk details!

CALL FOR PRICE QUOTE: 512.831.8807

*Pricing varies on type and size of plants and succulents used.

New Employee Gifts Can Be Tricky

We're here to help with that. Our succulents add joy, freshness and color to any office. Send succulents as a business gift to your current / potential customers or employees. Go ahead! Brighten their day!