Hey austin CREATIVES,
Let's Grow Together!

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We’re bringing Austin local businesses under one roof! The Austin Native & Creative program provides the space for a one-stop-shop -- offering local gifts, art, decor, and more. You supply your product, and our staff will do the rest! 

COMING SOON: 2058 South Lamar

Welcome to Succulent Native South - launching in Aug 2021; home of the Austin Native & Creative Collective!

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Monthly MEMBER Options

Choose your length of contract: 6 Month | 3 Month | Seasonal


Mini-Boutique - $1000 (10x10) *Full wall and shelves


Top Spot - $500 (5x5) *Half wall and shelf

Shelfie - $350 (3x3) *Short shelf


How it works

  1. Choose your space rental from the menu above

  2. Supply your inventory and set up your space and signage

  3. Start selling! Our staff will sell and package your products

  4. When you sign up, you get one free workshop space rental! You may book our workshop space to host workshops and events.


Fees and Fine Print

  • Your monthly rent is due the first day of the Month

  • A Commission of 10% of monthly sales go to Succulent Native for payroll and upkeep. This percentage of sales will be included on the following month’s invoice.

  • An additional 5% of sales for branded packaging & branded materials (optional)


How to get started

  • To join the Austin Native & Creative Collective, you must apply by filling out our application form above! Questions? Email succulentnative@gmail.com.