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Hey austin CREATIVES,
Let's Grow Together!

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We’re bringing Austin local businesses under one roof! The Austin Native & Creative program provides the space for a one-stop-shop -- offering local gifts, art, decor, and more. You supply your product, and our staff will do the rest! 

5501 N Lamar

Welcome to Succulent Native, home of the Austin Native & Creative Collective!

If you feel your product(s) meet these requirements and standards, please fill out the application below.

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AUSTIN NATIVE & CREATIVE Application form:

Thanks! We'll be in touch!

Monthly MEMBER Options

Choose your length of contract: 6 Month | 3 Month | Seasonal


Mini-Boutique - $250 *Full wall and shelves


Top Spot - $150  *Half wall and shelf

Shelfie - $75 *Short shelf


How it works

  1. Choose your space rental from the menu above

  2. Supply your inventory and set up your space and signage

  3. Start selling! Our staff will sell and package your products

  4. When you sign up, you get one free workshop space rental! You may book our workshop space to host workshops and events.


Fees and Fine Print

  • Your monthly rent is due the first day of the Month

  • A Commission of 10% of monthly sales go to Succulent Native for payroll and upkeep. This percentage of sales will be included on the following month’s invoice.

  • An additional 5% of sales for branded packaging & branded materials (optional)


How to get started

  • To join the Austin Native & Creative Collective, you must apply by filling out our application form above! Questions? Email

Requirements and Standards

In order to be approved to sell your items in our store we review products on the following basis:

  • Based on the name of Austin Native & Creative, we want to ensure that your products are designed by at least a Texas resident if not a local Austinite.

  • The vendor must have a valid Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit.

  • The vendor must have their own online presence, either through their own website or online store such as Etsy.

  • The vendor’s products need to be readily available and in stock for a steady flow of supply.

  • The vendor’s products must have their branding on all products. This includes the company’s name, description of the item(s) and any other important information about the item(s). This can be in the form of tags, labels, etc. Succulent Native has a barcode/sku system templated for vendors to follow in order to create scannable labels for their products should the vendor not have their own barcode/sku tags 

  • The vendor will provide care cards for any products requiring continuing care after leaving the store.

  • The vendor agrees that Succulent Native will be the only store they sell their products on South Lamar between W. Ben White Blvd & Riverside Drive.

The way we determine whether we would like to extend an invitation for the vendor to acquire a space in the Austin Native & Creative section of our store is based on the following:

  • The vendor’s products are of high quality craftsmanship.

  • The vendor's products are unique to products that we already have in the store and stand out on their own.

  • The demand for the vendor’s products has a good following and we are confident that they will be a good selling item.

ANC Requirements
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