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A Blooming Box Featuring Austin Calligrapher, Amanda Reid

Welcome to our plant community, where we talk about all things Plant Love Club, local small business, plant care, plant tips, home decor and so much more! We’re happy you’re here, plant people and hope you enjoy our November box — it’s blooming with colorful fun!



Amanda Reid, the artist behind the Plant-ful journal’s design, is a local modern calligrapher providing calligraphy services for businesses, brands, and onsite events. She conducts fun virtual and in-person workshops to teach others the art of modern calligraphy and brush lettering. Amanda is also the founder of Calligraphers of Color, an online community that highlights diversity in the calligraphy industry. You can connect with Amanda on Instagram at @amandareiddesigns, or check out her website here!

Shining light on local creators and small business owners is part of what makes the Plant Love Club extra special to us. Succulent Native started as a small, mobile ice cream bike full of baby succulents, and it wasn’t an easy journey to get where we are now. We know exactly what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, and we’ll fill you in on a little secret: it’s not always easy out there but together your hopes, dreams, and goals are possible! Cheers to small businesses and local creators, and to our wonderful Plant Love Club members who so lovingly support their local community!



The Christmas cactus is a cinch to grow, which has made it a popular holiday plant for generations. In fact, a beautiful Christmas cactus has become something of an heirloom for many families, passing from generation to generation.

In bloom, Christmas cactus are spectacular holiday plants, showing off their colorful blossoms like jewels at the end of their stems. When not in bloom, Christmas cactus show off their jagged foliage that gives insight to one of its other common names: crab cactus.

Grow this flowering houseplant in bright light for most blooms. It will grow in medium or low light, too, but will have fewer flowers the darker it gets indoors. The Christmas cactus can take the direct sun on its foliage. Water when the top inch or two of the potting mix dries out. This particular plant prefers average to high humidity.

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