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Wishing You a Year of Growth and Self-care!

Care for yourself like you care for your plants

Happy New Year, plant people -— cue confetti! The Succulent Native team is sending all the positive energy your way this month as you kick off 2021! Plant more, worry less is one of our mantras and we stand by that. Caring for your plants and creating a tranquil at-home environment is KEY to setting up your year for maximum stress-relief and comfort. I mean, who doesn't love walking around the house pruning, spritzing, and polishing plant foliage? GUILTY!

Don't forget to care for yourself this year. As things start to pick up and the world's flow starts to change, remind yourself: just like your plants, to grow, you need sunshine, water, and positive self talk (you do talk to your plants, right?)

Welcome Local Love Feature, Soy Society Wellness!

This month is all about self-care, and candles are a must! Soy Society Wellness creates aromatherapy soy wax candles infused with essential oils. Their intention candles have room filling fragrance with the added bonus of doing good to your mind, body, and soul. Created by Austin local, Jasmine Cormier, these candles are handmade with love and with your wellbeing in mind. Learn more on Instagram @soysocietywellness or visit her website

January Plant of the Month: Ginseng Ficus

Let the healing and deep rooted intention begin! Your new plant friend is an indoor, tropical loving tree — the Ginseng Ficus! An easy-to-care-for bonsai tree from Asia, it's famous for its magnificent root and requires a lot of light, so avoid too dark corners and keep him as close to a window as possible so he can drink up the sun.

Water him when his soil feels dry, usually weekly, until topsoil floats and give him a good misting between waterings if needed.

And did you see? We also added a super special Quartz Crystal - this crystal can bring you ultimate healing and can also charge your current crystals in the moonlight (yes, it’s a thing!) And ANOTHER bonus?? We've added a little palo santo smudge bundle with lavender; you can burn for incense or to smudge to cleanse your space!

We hope this new tree and self-care bundle brings you grounding and deep-rooted care this year. Until next month!


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